The Iron Crusaders Raid, the amazing 6 minute tracking shot that ends S01E04 (“Who goes there”) of True Detective. Notice the small details, like sound, or the grenade at 2:52.


Me faltan cables

El sol siempre brilla un poco menos a la vuelta. Ahora toca preparar la semana y las #jpd14.



Support for full-fledged co-ops has inched into the mainstream as communities have grown weary of waiting for private investors to create good jobs — or sick of watching them take jobs away.

Research findings about employee-owned businesses are rarely negative — they are either just as good as regular businesses, or they are more productive, less susceptible to failure, more attentive to quality and less likely to lay off workers in a downturn (though they may be slower to hire when times are good).

Via NYT.

What I’ve been listening to in March, 2014. Open in Spotify.

  • Your email provider is the weak link in all online security
  • Set up two-step authentication on all accounts that provide it
  • Use Diceware to create secure passwords for all your email accounts
  • Create a unique email address for your most valuable log-ins
  • Use a good password utility to create unique, strong passwords for every site you visit
  • Create fake security-question answers
  • Freeze your accounts with all three credit agencies
  • Don’t let Web sites store your credit card info
  • Hide your Who-is listings if you own your own domains
  • Set up WPA-2 encryption on your wifi router
  • Never click links in email
  • Prepare ahead of time for identity theft or hacking

How to Build a Secure Online Presence, via