Support for full-fledged co-ops has inched into the mainstream as communities have grown weary of waiting for private investors to create good jobs — or sick of watching them take jobs away.

Research findings about employee-owned businesses are rarely negative — they are either just as good as regular businesses, or they are more productive, less susceptible to failure, more attentive to quality and less likely to lay off workers in a downturn (though they may be slower to hire when times are good).

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What I’ve been listening to in March, 2014. Open in Spotify.

  • Your email provider is the weak link in all online security
  • Set up two-step authentication on all accounts that provide it
  • Use Diceware to create secure passwords for all your email accounts
  • Create a unique email address for your most valuable log-ins
  • Use a good password utility to create unique, strong passwords for every site you visit
  • Create fake security-question answers
  • Freeze your accounts with all three credit agencies
  • Don’t let Web sites store your credit card info
  • Hide your Who-is listings if you own your own domains
  • Set up WPA-2 encryption on your wifi router
  • Never click links in email
  • Prepare ahead of time for identity theft or hacking

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This house was built by modernist catalan architect Puig i Cadafalch for my great-great-grandmother in 1917. The land where the  house still sits is now part of the Barcelona airport.

La quimera perduda de Puig i Cadafalch.

Mike Watt Kayak

When I’m not out of my Pedro town on tour, I paddle my kayak every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday usually from inside the Los Angeles harbor at Cabrillo Beach and then out past the breakwater through the Angels Gate in to the open sea to say hi to the pelicans, sea lions and dolphins and then paddle back. Zaby is the name of my kayak, it’s after a character in Mason & Dixon by Thomas Pynchon.

Photo by Evangeline Barrón

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