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Todo lo que Trump ha insultado en Twitter siendo candidato

Tremenda doble página del NYT recopilando las 282 personas, lugares y demás que Donald Trump ha insultado en Twitter desde que es candidato a Presidente.

Mi nuevo podcast favorito

Es el podcast de Longform. Historias desde el frente contadas por periodistas, editores o directores de medios, grandes y pequeños, físicos y online, nuevos y viejos. En este…

Major Threat in the New York Times

There’s a DC hardcore and Minor Threat fan working as designer in the New York Times. Via El Portadista.

nytimes.com redesign

But it’s not clear to me that they’re really game changing improvements. These changes don’t reinvent or expand my notion of what an article is, nor do they…

> The New York Times is a leader among news organizations when it comes to article recommendations — but the entire news business is miles behind e-commerce here….

> Journalism — facts and narration — predates newspapers and will outlast newspapers. David Leonhardt, Cap de la redacció a Washington, The New York Times.  (via periodisme)

The newspaper as a canvas (via 3.21.11).

datanouveau: The New York Times created a meandering plot on the relationship between road fatalities and miles driven in the United States. The per capita miles…